What Are the Benefits of Concrete Patio Sealer? [infographic]

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Concrete is a durable surface that can withstand heavy loads and consistent foot traffic, which is why it is often used for things like patios. Knowing this, it might surprise you that it needs to be sealed to give you the best return on your investment. Our team at Piedmont Home Services offers the protection your concrete needs, using a concrete patio sealer that helps your patio stand the test of time. Check out the benefits our sealer provides below.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Patio Sealer?

  • Defense Against Weathering: Concrete patio sealing gives concrete added protection from inclement weather, UV rays, and freeze-thaw cycles. This lessens the chance of the concrete degrading with time.
  • Preventing Discoloration: Sealing aids in preventing stains from materials such as grease, oil, food, and drinks. This is especially crucial for outdoor areas where spills frequently occur.
  • Streamlined Cleaning: Because the sealer leaves a smooth, non-porous covering that keeps dirt and pollutants from permeating the concrete, sealed surfaces are typically easier to clean. Cleaning on a regular basis improves effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Prevention of Mold and Mildew: Sealing the concrete surface aids in preventing the growth of mold and mildew. This is especially helpful in our area, where there is a lot of humidity and rain.
  • Better Durability: Concrete is already durable, but applying sealer can make it even more durable. Additionally, it can prolong the life of the concrete by assisting in the prevention of cracks, spalling, and other types of damage.

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