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When we tackle tick pest control, we use proven methods that keep the parasites away.

Ticks are tiny parasites that attach themselves to animals and humans through their bites. They’re commonly found in wooded areas but can be brought to residential properties when residents go exploring or spend time in places where ticks live. Since ticks can vary greatly in size, they’re often difficult to spot. On the small end, these eight-legged parasites are about the size of a pin head. When they attach themselves to furry animals, they’re even harder to see. It’s important to take a preventive approach to ticks, especially since their bites can spread concerning diseases.

Tick Pest Control in Advance, North Carolina

Ticks are linked to the spread of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, relapsing fever, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and other diseases. When they attach themselves to a human host, ticks often go behind the knees, in patches of hair, inside the belly button or ears, or into the groin area. On animals, they can attach nearly anywhere and remain hidden beneath the fur. But even a single tick bite can result in disease and other health concerns. Ticks also reproduce quickly through the laying of eggs, so one tick can quickly become many.

Our team at Piedmont Home Services offers tick pest control to target and eliminate these concerning creatures. We work with property owners in Advance, North Carolina and much of the surrounding area to handle a range of pest control services. When we tackle tick pest control, we use proven methods that keep the parasites away. Reach out today to request an estimate for tick pest control.

At Piedmont Home Services, we offer tick pest control services in Winston-Salem, Advance, Kernersville, Pfafftown, Lewisville, Clemmons, and Bermuda Run, North Carolina.