Spring Forward: Exterior Home Care Tips for Spring Prep

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With spring around the corner, now is the time to start preparing your spring cleaning to-do list. At Piedmont Home Services, we do it all and can help you clear your list quickly.

Spring Forward: Exterior Home Care Tips for Spring Prep

Winter can leave homes looking a bit dreary, so here are our exterior home care tips heading into spring:

  • Gutters first – If you’re overdue for a gutter cleaning, late winter or early spring is the perfect time to check it off your list. Gutters need to be cleared before spring showers descend, and they aren’t affected by pollen buildup like some of your other springtime chores are. If you’ve been considering gutter guards, now is the perfect time to get them installed.
  • Plan around pollen – If you catch the spring cleaning bug early, you may be tempted to clean every nook and cranny before pollen season. Don’t waste your effort on exterior home care cleaning that will be covered in pollen in a month or two. Instead, start with things like leaf cleanup and landscaping prep and schedule your spring soft wash cleaning to take care of pollen build-up.
  • Don’t forget the deck – Get your deck or patio ready to enjoy the warmer temperatures ahead of time. If your outdoor area has accumulated mold or mildew, schedule deck or patio cleaning and sealing services.
  • Check up on the roof – Winter can be especially harsh on roofs. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, you may want to get a roof inspection. If it just needs a good cleaning, our soft washing services can get it sparkling for spring.

Spring brings fresh air and renewed energy. By being strategic about exterior home care tasks, you’ll check every item off your list and be ready to enjoy the beautiful days ahead.