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  • Coronavirus Prevention

    Coronavirus Prevention

    At this time with the COVID 19 pandemic going on, we have been working hard to better serve you. Now is the time more than ever to clean and sanitize your home, business, walkways, decks, bridges, parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers. The cleaning solution we use for exterior house washing and roof cleaning has been identified by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as an effective sanitizing agent. This means it will lower the number of germs on the surface to a safe level. Since our cleaning products sanitize and help prevent germs from spreading, Piedmont Home Services is considered an essential business. We will continue to provide you with all of our ....

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  • Please Vote For Us.

    Please Vote For Us.

    Hi neighbors, Every year, Nextdoor, the neighborhood hub, hosts local business awards called Neighborhood Favorites where neighbors vote on their favorite local businesses and service providers in a variety of categories. We’re in the running to become a 2020 Neighborhood Favorite, and we’d love your vote! Voting runs from February 3-23, 2020. Here’s how to vote: 1. Head to and log in. You’ll be taken directly to the Neighborhood Favorites voting flow. 2. Click “Start voting” to begin. You can vote for up to 25 categories - vote for us for favorite Home Services Company 3. When you’ve finished voting, spread the word on ....

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  • The Benefit of Roof Cleaning

    The Benefit of Roof Cleaning

    The first benefit to cleaning your roof is the overall aesthetics. Cleaning your roof will bring back your home's curb appeal. The second benefit is your home's efficiency. When bacteria grows on the your roof shingle, it leaves a dark layer on the surface. Dark colors attract the sun, making the surface hotter making it more expensive to cool your home in the summer months. The third and final benefit is the overall longevity of your roof. Bacteria left untreated will eat away at the shingles, damaging the surface and causing premature failure. (This goes for any surface) If treated early you can avoid damage and the need for costly repairs/replacement of your roof, siding, deck, and ....

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  • We Can Restore Your Vinyl Siding.

    We Can Restore Your Vinyl Siding.

    Restore And Renew Faded Vinyl And Aluminum Siding with Vinyl Renu™
    The best way to restore faded vinyl and aluminum siding is with Vinyl Renu™. If your faded vinyl or aluminum siding is discolored, oxidized (chalky) or covered with mold, mildew, algae then Vinyl Renu™ will restore the color and luster and give your siding a factory new look.

    Save Thousands of Dollars and Restore Faded Vinyl And Aluminum Siding
    Over time the effects of weathering can greatly affect the beauty and integrity of your vinyl or aluminum siding. Not only does oxidation (the primary cause of loss of color) create faded vinyl siding that has lost its color and luster, but it aids in the breakdown ....

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  • Piedmont Home Services Partners with The Triad Plumber

    At Piedmont Home Services, we're proud to offer more than just your regular handyman work. With a team of courteous, uniformed employees, we can bring years of plumbing expertise
    to your pipes, hot water heaters, and more. We work with both commercial and residential customers across the Winston-Salem area -- no job is too big or too small! Whatever your plumbing needs, our team will take care of you in a punctual and professional manner. Piedmont Home Service has teamed up with The Triad Plumber
    ! Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about our plumbing services!

    What Plumbing Services Do We Offer?
    Our plumbing team can handle any problem your home ....

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  • Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning

    Check out our new cutting edge technology for cleaning the inside of your gutters. Most experts recommend gutter cleaning bi-annually. In Winston Salem, the most popular times of the year to get gutters serviced are in the late spring and early fall. These times of the year are right before periods of severe weather. A few things to consider when deciding how often to have your gutters professionally cleaned are: 1) If you have tall trees in close proximity to your home 2) If pine trees are growing above your house 3) If you are in an area with a lot of rain/snow fall Any of these factors could mean you need to clean your gutters more frequently. When left untreated, clogged gutters ....

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  • The Benefits of Softwashing

    The Benefits of Softwashing

    Softwashing is the best way to clean your home. Our low pressure cleaning process is Eco friendly, cleans better, and lasts 4-6 times longer then pressure washing. The benefits of softwashing verses pressure washing is that softwashing is gentle on the surface, kills the bacteria at the root, and prolongs the regrowth process. Pressure washing is harsh on the surface, It blows the bacteria off with high pressure, It leaves the roots on the surface alive, and the bacteria grows back quickly. For more information visit our website and watch some of our videos. ....

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  • Sign Cleaning

    Sign Cleaning

    We cleaned the entrance to a business park sign. Low pressure softwash cleaning brought the sign back to new. ....

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  • West Forsyth Finance Academy

    West Forsyth Finance Academy

    Today Mt. Tabor High School hosted the finance academy ceremony. Piedmont Home Services sponsored a student from West Forsyth High School. It was our honor to help a young person in our community with their desire to excel in academics. ....

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